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BLINK Magazine Interview

 - August 18, 2011 - Magazines

front cover(right) : Todd Baxter back cover(left) : Chris Anthony

Blink magazine a labor of love by Korean native Kim Aram. The magazine features personal work by emerging, established and undiscovered photographers. Issue 5 has just been released.

Heidi: How do you select the images, do you choose a theme for each issue?

Kim: I trust myself. It’s simple, some work makes my heart beat really fast. I study it and ask myself: Are you going to spend $10,000 on this photograph? Even if I think I’d spend $1000, I would select it.  That said, we don’t pay for any of the images. I try and make sure that the images don’t bore me, gathering work for Blink is like collecting art for a gallery of sorts. I do have one rule: I don’t accept commissioned work. I accept only personal work. When selecting work, a resume, a career, receiving awards doesn’t affect my choices. I  sincerely love portraiture, I think the human being is the most interesting subject in this world. There are no themes for each issues. I actually considered it but thought that giving themes for each issues would put limitations on select artwork and there were already so many magazines doing that format with themes.


How many submissions would you say you turn down?
I turn down quite a few. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like their work. I just don’t want to be a lazy editor. I also have another rule, I promised by myself  to include one out of every 50 submissions for BLINK.  I try to pick just one or nothing among  the 50 It’s  just like non-objevtive promising. I can’t respond to  all of  the submissions. Please excuse me for that, I do respect all artists.

What in your eyes is the most exciting aspect of photography for you right now?
Everyone has camera now. It means everyone is able to take a photograph.
It seems like it’s a fair chance for everyone to be creative. That said,  it’s that tiny little  thing which not easy to achieve to make your photograph different. That is exciting. Artists need to have their own eye and point of view for creating their own world.

Suzanne Jongmans

Where can I find a copy of the magazine in the US? Or do I have to subscribe? Do you have a digital version as well?We are working on an ipad version of BLINK, so I will start to publish a digital version of BLINK but I am still examining it thoroughly because I believe in the high value of a paper magazine. You can get your own copy on the website at www.blinkreflex.com We have a safe and fast paypal and can send anywhere in the world.

I am making a distribution list for other countries now. The problem is it’s very expensive to ship. We don’t have a lot of money or a big staff. I do ALL the publishing for BLINK. I do the design layout, select the artwork, contact the artists, direct exhibitions, promotion, business, publisher’s talks at galleries and the marketing. I did send the magazine to art fairs and galleries because I really would love to give BLINK to people so they can feel the paper in their hands, see it with their own eyes. I know if they just grab BLINK, their next move is falling love with BLINK. Some people promised me they would bring BLINK to their venues. I was so naive, after receiving magazines, they didn’t contact me. I was disappointed in them and disappointed in myself. I really need some people I can trust.

Before doing this project, what did you do for a living?
I worked as the art editor for an art magazine called  PHOTO+. The  publisher of the magazine was crazy about MONEY. He always talked about MONEY, MONEY. He probably still does, and he didn’t respect art or the artists. I thought I was a part of his magazine but he said it’s all  his own and I am just his robot. One day I finished all my work and I decided that it’s time to quit. I said to him “bye fucker.” Photographers, don’t send your work to them.

Galleries and media in Korea are so miserable. They built their own art world which puts some distance between the public and art. Someone with money or professors come into power and the result is “boring!” They have to wake up. I am on a mission to build up brand awareness about BLINK.
We support young talented artists who can’t have opportunity to show their work to the world because of boring professors and directors, galleries, magazines here.

Mat Szwajkos

Were you always involved photography somehow?
When I was kid, I always trusted that I was an artist. Being a photographer was high priority but I had to let it go for financial reasons. (here, being artist much worse than other countries.) I spent less time making my own artwork,  I spent more time appreciating  artwork by other people. I began writing about photography too, just some impressions about their work. I did this for free and  I kept the focus positive. Art is so much about personal taste and preference. I do think photography is like poetry and one image can speak over a thousand words. Just like the old saying. hahaha”

Thomas Rusch

Do you shoot as well?
Yes, for fun. I take daily snaps which give me inspiration I use my Sony Ericson x1(mobilephone). Sometimes I do self-portraits year after year. If I have more time for myself, I will do my own photographic work but I would never be featured in BLINK. A lot of magazines make me sick. It looks like those magazines exist for their own photographer or art director’s work. MEDIA has to have huge responsibility to the public, there are so many swindlers out here. They have to give the media space to other talented artists and the public.

Jennifer Garza-Cuen

For your facebook and twitter feeds where is that content coming from? selected artists? fans? Do you feed those outlets in between issues with work you liked but did not select for the printed edition?
I don’t post anything about featuring artists for the next issue. It has to be a secret before being published. Sometimes I use Facebook to help me select an artist. I have so many friend requests from Facebook I am in a panic! I don’t use twitter to search for artists. I tweet information about BLINK and news of featured artists and other happenings in art world, or readers of BLINK. I tweet in Korean so would not be worth it to people who can’t read Korean. You can have a conversation with me about BLINK via direct message, I use that a lot or if you want to update news about BLINK, If you want, like BLINK on facebook at here or see it here

Diana Scherer

Where is your funding coming from since you have no advertising?
That is the biggest difficulty. I spent 15 years of my savings to create and publish BLINK. I am waiting for sponsors or advertisers. If I get over the break-even point with BLINK, I am going to bring down the price of the magazine or increase its circulation. Last month I recruited donations with Korean version of Kickstarter and I got one third of the cost for publishing ISSUE 5 covered. THANK YOU to all who donated! I was so grateful. You can still donate on the website.If you donate, I will put your name and your message on the bottom the website page. If you donate over $30 your name and message will be in the magazine as well as you will get the issue.

I do offer space on BLINK for ads for a reasonable price. The most I would include is 10 pages advertisement for BLINK and I will be very discriminating about what advertising I accept.

Artists and galleries can advertise and show their own work. I do send BLINK to galleries, collectors and artists of all over the world. I just gather what I love and show it to this world while kicking the boring daily routine out with great artists whom I love, support and take care of. I do this for one simple reason, the photographs make my eyes happy. BLINK is myself and I am BLINK.

Nathan Perkel

What is the best way to submit work to you?
Simple. It’s a two step process: First, see ‘Take a look inside of BLINK‘ videos and sample spreads of images on the website. (I make a video which shows the  issue.) Second, ask yourself: “Is my work really harmonious with work of featured artists on those previous issues?” Not all work is right for BLINK. but that doesn’t mean that your work is not good or not perfect, it just not for BLINK. I can’t answer all the submissions, I don’t mean to be rude but it’s fairly impossible. Please contact me via email as well: editor.aram@gmail.com

Karen Hsiao

Olivier J. Laude


















information about bookISBN 978-89-965709-5-0
100 PAGES(8mm. both sides covers)
21 X 29.7 CM
text of interviews with artists in english





  1. Wow, F-you to the old boss, and 15 years of savings to start a magazine. Not something everyone has the guts to actually do even, even if they think about it every day. Sounds like she has the determination and spirit to make it work. 

    Interesting point too about the iPad version. It’s one thing when digital replaces hard copy you can find on the magazine rack or in the mail. But for titles you’d never be able to get anyway in hard copy, tablet versions seem like a great way to fill the void.

  2. Thank you for featuring a great new magazine! ARam is a pleasure to work with and all of the work she find is truly amazing. Congrats to all of the artists that have been featured and will be featured.


    Love the gumptious spirit of Ms. Aram – and I suspect that her publication will be adding pages faster than she imagined. Thank you for featuring it.


    “Are you going to spend $10,000 on this photograph? Even if I think I’d spend $1000, I would select it. That said, we don’t pay for any of the images.”

    another great opportunity for photographers!

  5. When you consider that photographers routinely pay for their work to appear in outlets such as Lurzer’s Archive, The Workbook, At Edge, Found Folios, Drip Book and elsewhere, and that they pay entry fees to the likes of PDN, Graphis and CA to enter contests where the chance of publication is not high, then this is an opportunity.

    • All of those publications you mention have distribution which is the most important part of being included in any publication. 

      Blink looks beautiful, the work is excellent but the business model is so flawed that it makes me sad for Kim Aram. Hook up with a business partner and make it viable, it can work!

      • LOOP DD LOOP

        Why not make it a website? There definitely are some bolts loose on this bus to crazy town.

  6. I said to him “bye fucker.” ~ love it! Great Magizine, I like the look and I am looking foreard to the feel of it. Kim a question, is the 50 submissions for a year?
    Great interview Heidi


    Having worked in Book publishing in Australia and Asia I am extremely impressed by your magazine and interested in the images you have selected. I am a longstanding friend of Polexeni Papapetrou.
    Andrew Semmens

  8. Kim Aram is doing a great work. How did it end the Facebook page of BLINK censored by the company after that you have posted the magazine’s cover with Herbaut image?

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차후에 보시기 편하게 재정리하고 다시 스캔해서 올리겠습니다!

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PDN June 2012
BLINK is a print magazine and it’s presented online (
www.blinkreflex.com). The editor and founder is ARam Kim, an amazing lady totally in love with photography and the arts. She quit her job as an art editor for an art magazine, and decided to invent her own magazine. I am stunned by ARam’s energy, her amazing taste for incredibly fresh, sometimes funny, sometimes strange, sometimes serious and always broad range of intelligent international art work which she presents … in Korean and English. Examples of photographers she has featured include Holly Andres, Cécile Decorniquet and Yann Gross. ARam is an incredible, self-made person. She spent 15 years of her savings to create and publish BLINK and is now waiting for sponsors or advertisers. And I hope that she will find them. 
Ute Noll
Founder of On Photography & Illustration agency and Uno Art Space, Stuttgart, Germany

Editor Amber Terranova

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PDN December 2012 - The tastemakers issue
The photography magazine Blink is edited, designed and published by its founder, ARam Kim. She started the magazine for the simplest of reasons: because she enjoys sharing the work of photographers with others. “I do not [make] any profit from [the magazine]," Kim says.

Kim ARam, the publisher of BLINK magazine, takes part in Stockholm Photography Week at Fotografiska as one of the fine arts portfolio review experts from May 31 to June 1, 2013. www.spwk.eu

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CA magazine Korea November 2012

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IDEA magazine No.373 April 2016, Post Independent Magazine

Interviewed by Satu Palander


Sash Suicide - Suicide Girls

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지콜론 g: Website
Algorithm of Creative
갤럭시 노트와의 콜라보레이션 외에도 친숙한 이미지의 작업들을 통해 잘 알려진 현대 미술작가 아트놈(artnom)이 자신의 관심사가 가득 담긴 즐겨찾기 사이트를 공개했다. ‘항상 새로운 전시에 관심을 두고 다른 작가의 작품을 감상하며 찾아 본다’는 그의 말처럼 현대 미술의 살아있는 정보를 생생하게 느낄 수 있는 곳들이다. 이제 페이스북과 SNS가 발달하면서 정보를 찾기에 더욱 좋은 시대가 되었고, 세계 여러 곳에서 일어나는 일들을 실시간으로 볼 수 있게 되었다. 그런 정보들을 모아 더욱 창의적인 일을 도모할 수 있다면….

사진 전문 독립 매거진 <블링크>의 사이트이다. <블링크>는 매거진의 개념을 넘어선 사진 아티스트북이이라고 할 수 있을 것 같다. 김아람 혼자서 작가 섭외, 인터뷰, 디자인 등을 모두 하는 잡지이지만, 혼자 다 했다는 말이 믿기지 않을 정도이다. 이 사이트에는 매거진으로 출판되는 내용들도 볼 수 있다. 가끔 머리가 복잡할 때, 시각적인 즐거움을 찾고 싶을 때 보면 좋다.

FRESH 2012 with Klompching Gallery

상상마당 웹진

(Image will be updated soon.)
상상마당 블로그
어바웃 북스 - 1인 독립 사진집 「BLINK」의 모든 것, 김아람을 만나다.

‘이름에 컬러가 들어가는 레인보우 뮤지션들’, ‘영화 스타워즈의 가장 유명한 10가지대사’, ‘지옥에서 읽을만한 책리스트’ 등 국내외의 유명 디자이너, 작가, 일러스트레이터, 편집자, 칼럼니스트, 사진가, 큐레이터, 목수, 영장류학자등 50여명에 이르는 스페셜리스트의 허를 찌르는 다양한 <개인리스트>들이 실력파 디자인 스튜디오 워크룸의 크리에이티브한 편집디자인으로 완성됐다. 블루와 레드 컬러 두 가지 버전의표지 또한 2,000권 한정판으로 제작되어 소장 가치가 높다.개개인의 개성과 히스토리를 중시하는 에이랜드의 브랜드 철학을대변하듯 아티스틱한 이미지와 타이포, 일러스트가 자유로운 형식으로 펼쳐진 컨셉트 북<Everythinghas its own list>.
참여작가: 김보경 Artist / 최림 Director, Sticky Monster Lab / Curious Sofa, Design Studio / 노다예 Designer, 미완성 / dlaldus (이미연) Artist / 이에스더 Illustrator / 홍은주 Graphic Designer / 전은경 월간디자인 편집장 / EunuLee, Artist / Fritz K. Park 만화광 / 가가린 Used Bookstore / 한진희 Editor / 정현 Architect / 이재민 Designer, Studio fnt / 유지원 Music columnist / 이정민 Artist, OkinCollective / 정지연 Street H 편집장 /Kembetwa Jujin, Artist / 김아람 Publisher, Blink magazine/ 김나무 Graphic Designer / 김뉘연Writer / 김택원 Cartoonist&Essayist / 김경은 Designer / 이영준 Machine Critic etc.Publication 2012.02, Size 165 x 235 mm Volume 352 pages Editworkroom & mediabus Design workroomPrice 39,000 KRW

Bling 매거진 블링  2012년 8월호

Luel 루엘  2012년 8월호

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그들의 뒷모습을 따라갔을 때 - 블링크 발행인 김아람

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media partner for nofound photofair 2011 in paris


CNN, Feb 2014

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The First, January 2016
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I am Turbo

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